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Only experienced CEOs

Note that we don’t just accept any CEO or any person that pretends to be a CEO, there are qualifications that should be fulfilled and that can be found when applying for our membership.

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Invite your fellow CEOs

If you are really thankful, what do you do ? You share. We allow you to invite the CEOs you already know and allow them to benefit from all the connections and opportunities of our Network.

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Connect easily

The CEOs connect feature is very easy to use, with one click of a button, the targeted CEO will receive a connection request and will contact you as soon as possible.

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Be reached by other CEOs

Our aim is to keep our CEO community engaged and active , when you will be registered with us you will have your own profile on which other CEOs can reach you pubicly.

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Get CEOs phone numbers

As soon as your fellow CEO receives a connect request, he simply approves it in less than 24 hours and just in that laps of time you will be speaking with him on the phone  .

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Get Listed Quickly

We understand executives don’t have the time to deal with registration manners, that’s why we have simplified the membership aquisition, now you can become a member in less than 24 hours !

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